360 Focus: Acoustics, Work and the Physical Environment

However, while communication speeds up and transparency spurs trust, out in the open people are desperately seeking ways to control their privacy. And the number one distraction in the workplace is no longer visual — it’s noise.

The demand and desire for supporting acoustic comfort at work is stronger than ever. This 360 Focus looks at the drivers shaping today’s need for better acoustic solutions in increasingly open office environments and offers some thought starters on settings that can help enhance people’s wellbeing and performance at work.


Steelcase introduced new multipurpose Chair Cavatina at Orgatec

Now more than ever organisations need employees to be engaged, connected and on top of their creative game. And while workers are migrating away from their desk, today’s workplaces need to be more flexible than ever to address varying work styles and wellbeing needs.


SILQ: A Canvas for Individual Expression

The idea for SILQ was clear; we wanted to create a chair that’s simple, more organism than machine. One that operates intuitively and invites the human body to participate in the experience.


New Collaboration between Steelcase and Officebricks

Officebricks is an innovative organisation which is creating sound-insulating cabin systems. These cabin systems offer workers an opportunity to find balance between interaction and privacy. Due to its modular design it is very easy to integrate such a system within every environment. No drilling, screwing or adhesive bonding required. Read here more about Officebricks or contact our office for more information.


Steelcase & Microsoft Partnership

Steelcase and Microsoft are joining forces to reimagine the modern workplace by integrating the best of Microsoft Surface devices into the architecture of Steelcase. Steelcase and Microsoft are unveiling five new “Creative Spaces” to help companies revolutionize their workplaces, both physically and digitally. Creative Spaces are designed to help people better harness their own creative potential, transfer their creativity into their work and improve how they collaborate with their teams.


Steelcase Inc. acquires Orangebox Group Limited

Allan Smith, Vice President Global Marketing of Steelcase, is mostly impressed about the market approach of Orangebox. “Orangebox was one of the first organizations which was able to recognize that people want alternatives to the traditional desk, and to work in a range of postures. They understood people’s need for balance between privacy at work, and the shift toward high-performance team work.’’ Steelcase is very excited about bringing their portfolios together and sees the opportunity to double Orangebox’s business within five years.

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