Steelcase FrameOne Bench

The Steelcase FrameOne Bench has an elegant look with clean, simple lines. Steelcase FrameOne Bench offers a combination of functionality and a sophisticated appearance.

Steelcase FrameOne benefits

Steelcase FrameOne Bench can be a smart solution when it is tuned to the work processes of the organization and the individual work styles. Additional tools in the FrameOne Bench series such as privacy screens, lighting and access to power supply are mounted on the desktop or offered via a handy, integrated rail.

Steelcase FrameOne Bench specifications

Steelcase FrameOne is made with up to 23% recycled content, contains no hazardous materials and no PVC. The packaging consists of cardboard, PE and LDPE (Low Density Polyethylene) with 30% recycled material.

Sustainability Steelcase FrameOne

Steelcase FrameOne is 99% recyclable (by weight). Plastic components with a weight of more than 50 grams have been clearly labeled for recycling. EPP edge protections are returned and reused directly.





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Steelcase - Frame One Benching Brochure EN

Steelcase Frameone Brochure

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