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Steelcase LINC Workspace

The LINC was purposefully designed to support the needs of individuals and teams by bringing them together and seamlessly integrating the technologies they need to do their work. As an ecosystem of interconnected and interdependent environments, it provides different kinds of spaces for different kinds of work and recognizes that having choice and control improves people’s wellbeing and engagement.

The design intentionally promotes movement and posture changes; instead of sitting at an assigned desk most of the day, people choose from a variety of environments depending on their task, the technologies they’re using or their state of mind.

Workers can manage their privacy with a range of spaces for collaboration and interaction as well as shielded or enclosed settings for focused work, personal conversations or a quiet, calming interlude. They can manage their presence, with areas and technologies that support face-to-face interaction as well as virtual collaboration with colleagues in other locations.

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