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  • OCS Design Studio
  • Hercuton
  • 2018
  • 675
  • 70
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Vriend is an innovative organisation. Therefore, they took OCS+ Steelcase as innovative partner to create an environment which ensures enough interaction between employees, an environment where sustainability is very important and which is having all the necessary technology. Together this is a workspace Vriend wants, it is where they would like to settle and it is at the same time a great example to partners of Vriend. It is a place where Vriend goes for maximal result.


OCS+ Steelcase has been asked to deliver a complete turn-key project and to make use of the creativity of our own designers. After several meetings with the board and users within Vriend we were able to make a concept and design. In this design architecture, interior and technology came together. That is how we came up with a concept that was described by the users as: ‘It is a showroom where you are able to work in’.


Acoustic walls do absorb almost every noise in your environment and is creating at the same time an atmosphere like a living room. This sound-proof wall system is not only unique, it is also a tool which leads you to make cleverly use of your spaces and reduce the amount of square feet built for your new office. In this design we created, together with some project partners, new connections, we integrated smart ideas and we implemented the most recent technology features. It is great for Vriend that their office can be used as showroom, but as an multifunctional office as well. An office where people are activated and where they are able to work comfortably together.

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